TB-8000 De-Icing Vehicle with Cabine



 MAN 19.232F (on request also IVECO, MERCEDES, VOLVO)

Tank I - Water: 

 5500 litres

Tank II - ADF: 

 2500 litres

Working Height: 

 14.0 metres

Cabin Height: 

 12.5 metres

Side Range: 

 8.0 metres

Rotation Area: 

 360 / 185

Cabine Load: 

 120 kg

Heating Time (5000 l Water): 

 1 hour (from 5C to 95C)

Water Pump Type "MOHNO": 

 350 l/min

ADF Pump Type "MOHNO": 

 150 l/min

Mixing System: 

 flexible mixing system, continous settings from 0-100%

The big tank capacities, the pump performance and the modern computer control make the TB-8000 a universal, easy to operate vehicle for heavy-duty employment on medium-sized and large airports. The state-of-the-art concept and the full logic control enable precise de-icing, minimizing the loss of water and ADF. The mixing ratio is variable and is calculated and supervised in realtime by the microprocessor system. Every de-icing step is recorded into computer memory an can be output on an integrated printer. This vehicle has been developed for one-man-operation. All vehicle steering can be done from the cabin.

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